Princess or Messed up? 

I messed up today since in the morning ahaha! Supposed to go to the bank and windrawn money. I locked my door room. Then i forgot the’s still inside my room 😱. Good thing my neighbor help me out to open it, without bashing my door knob lol. 

So i want to treat myself like a princess today. I went to Nail it (not sure about the name again of the salon haha), i like the interior of their salon. You really gonna think that you are a princess. And their space is big, you can relax more. 

Since i wanna treat myself as princess, it seems i treat myself as a messed up person haha! I forgot the reason why i never wanted to have nail polish. I always destroy it haha, after a few days the nail polish  doesn’t look good anymore! So once again i messed it up for a 2nd time lol. After paying my packaged at the salon, already destroyed on one of my finger then two. But their service is good, i love the footspa, the massage to the feet and hands.

Then i decided to watch the christmas light show again at the park, but it rains haha (why you do this to me.. It is really a bad day lol). Used my umbrella, i think my umbrella wants to retired now ahaha! I just buy this for 5months ago 😅. For the third time i messed it up again. 

Instead of treating myself as a princess, i messed it up. 💀 

End up eating at the Mcdonalds. 

Princess or Messed up?