My birthday ;)

I celebrate my birthday three weeks ago with my childhood friends. It was so much fun hanging out with them, i love all of my girls (a typical single lady would say lol). We went to Sambokojin to eat for lunch, since it was birthday.. It’s free! You have to dine in 3 days before or after your birthday, so that you can still grab their birthday free buffet. Or reserved a table. I suggest you reserved it two weeks before your birthday. What i did is i call them 2 days before my birthday and they already fully booked. We have no choice but to come early at 10am. 

Ate too much that day haha! Their cuisine is japanese and korean. I love all of their foods, you can also find so many desserts. Also i find my favorite food from them, not sure about the name but it was like sweet potato smores. It taste so heavenly.. Was trying to find a recipe like that! Maybe on december i’m gonna try it. 

Oh my.. So many hang out with the friends lately was about to save some money. I’ll be hanging with college friends this week, and next month we plan to eat in a buffet lol. Was about to save a money so i can buy undies ahaha! 

Change my picture logo here. Draw a new one! Have a wonderful week. 😊👌

My birthday ;)