Stress Reliever

Every year we get to do shopping at the Divisoria during November. We started doing this last year and i bought many things this time than last year. Some things are useless, well how can you ignored cute things like this bread squishy toy bread lol. It’s so cute! You will want to squish it so hard. This might help me when i get stressed out, just have to look how cute it is and squish squish it using your hands haha!

And it smells a little sweet, don’t know how exactly to say it. I saw something like this at the mall but a bigger one bread. The only difference is.. they sell it a bit pricey.

Wanted to do some haul on what i’ve bought, i decided to post only the stuff that is more interesting just like this cute bread. They have different design that you can choose like donuts, and cake. I’d just like bread more so i pick this.

Have lovely weekend everyone!

Stress Reliever