Chocolate banana bread

Sorry for not posting about anything that i bake. I actually stopped baking for like 4 months i think. But i did try to bake last saturday. It feels like i needed to bake again lol. When you haven’t done it for a while, you forgot everything it feels like it’s also the same when you draw. You start from scratch again. I bake a little failed last time. I think i didn’t mixed it well. But the taste of the muffins is still good though. 

Back to the Banana chocolate bread. It was a successful bake that i did. It taste really great, it taste like a chocolate cake. Everyone loves it! It’s fluffy and moist and not too sweet. 

I would really go back to baking again after being on a heart break lol. So girls this is the lesson.. Never stop doing what makes you happy even when you are in a relationship. Keep doing the things that you love to do back when you were still a single.

 Was planning to bake loaf again or muffins lol. 

Chocolate banana bread