I’ve been so busy this month because of the christmas preparation. Buying gifts, and foods. And i’ll be baking chocolate cookies again for christmas. 

And a lot of happened to me last month up to this month. I neglect my health for a while. So i wanted to read some books again with Filipino author. But don’t want a novel this time, want to read some inspiring words. Not just inspiring book but a comedy one like the book of Vice ganda, and a healthy lifestyle tips from Solenn Heusaff book. It is a gift for myself this christmas. 

Buy all of the books from Powerbooks. When i was paying the books, the cashier offer me to buy a book for the donation. You can buy the book for only P40+. After that they will give you a card that you can write your name and put on a christmas tree for the decoration. So sweet! 

Can’t wait to read them all! Got sick right now. Hope i feel better by tomorrow.