Villa Escudero

Went to “Villa Escudero” last friday with my childhood friend. It was really fun.. I love their garden, and the house is painted with pink color which is really different. One of the popular of this place is their Carabao lol. You can ride to carabao until you reach the Falls place for the lunch. The buffet lunch with the view of falls, what a unique place to eat lunch while your feet is wet haha! I wear the wrong pans anyway lol.

Our trip is for one day only. We went to the place at 10:45am and ended at pass 3pm after the cultural show. So many things that happened during that day. Of course you will meet a lot of people too, which is fun. And i also have embarrasing moment that happened lol. Like my ashthma trigger after the trip and i was inside the bus, but i manage to survived haha! Maybe next trip i need my medical kit lol.

Took a lot pictures too but i only uploaded it in my instagram account. I realize why traveling is a good therapy for depression, the nature could help you out while meeting new people.

Btw, decided to change my skincare this year. But i have to try one by one of their product. Cause i think my skin badly need a new product now.

Oh.. Over all my trip is amazing because so many things that happend within a day lol.

Villa Escudero